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16-02-2018 15:51 | Tacyt
Registration is working again.

New War Stats

10-04-2014 19:47 | Tacyt
The most complex War Stats tool on the web has been added. Tribes, players, tribeless players, abandoned villages, self-ennoblements - all these features are supported. The obtained results can be saved and exported to an external server with a single click.

Automatic Language Detection

04-12-2013 17:38 | Tacyt
Reports Converter has been equipped with Automatic Language Detection so that choosing a language before parsing is not needed anymore.
Since language detection is not a trivial task, forgive all the errors and PM me the reports for which the language detections fails.

Converter fix

13-04-2013 13:45 | Tacyt
Error with reports not converting due to nightly bonus for the defender has been resolved.
Please report other errors!


11-04-2013 18:12 | Tacyt
Welcome back after server switch!

The romanian translation is not yet finished - if you would like to participate in it, get in touch with me.

Enjoy your stay and spead the word!
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